The Ride Ends

We made it home. Have been reflecting on our trip to Mexico and my attitude toward the trip has changed. I had thought about it as a vacation but now I think of our condo in Nuevo as another home. We have made many new friendships and are part of a different community. On Saturday night we went out with Ed and Margie for supper and as we were chatting, Iona asked Ed what his favourite part of the vacation was and he said the people. I really relate to that. I have enjoyed the sun, sand and surf, but our new friends are what really made the time special.

We went to church on Sunday and had our picture taken on the platform in front of an arch that was set up for the afternoon. I think a wedding was to take place. Thanks to Diann for organizing out pizza party after worship. Took the bus home and caught a taxi to the airport. A bit of a zoo. The place was packed. We had checked in electronically the day before and we were able to skip the long line-up and just checked our bags in and then we waited. We went to our gate and discovered that it was the only gate without seats, only bare floor. Finally our plane was called and we got on a bus to take us to the plane. Iona has often said that once we get to airports, we become sheep. Just following orders as we make our way to our destination. Finally boarded flight WS 2403 and we were on our way.

Almost all the people on board were either old folks like us or young families. We were a bit delayed but arrived in Saskatoon around 9:30. That was a bit late for some of our younger passengers. Some were really tired and let their parents know about it. Our son Steve met us at the airport. We stopped to spend some time with Steve and Nina before we finally got home. It felt rather strange driving again. Instead of a temperature of +20 we faced -20. A bit of a shock. Unpacked and then blessedly into bed around 1:00.

Monday morning we went to Forever in Motion at the church and saw some of our friends. Great to see them all. Last night I spoke with our granddaughter Piper to read to her from the Chronicles of Narnia. Also chatted with Jeff and Becky and they confirmed that their daughter Chandyn is getting married on May 27. Another trip is in the offing for us. Our family will be extending its borders to include a young man named Eli. Love has an almost magical ability to keep on expanding as more people are added. We’re praying that we can go back next year, but we leave it all in God’s hands.

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  1. Johan Fick

    Glad you had a wonderful time in Mexico and that it’s becoming your alternate home 🙂 and glad you made it back to Saskatoon safely.


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