With this post I wish to make a public apology for statements I made about the Rev. Robert Deasley, who had pastored the Church of the Nazarene in Rimbey. His son Stephen commented on my blog and pointed out where I had misrepresented his father. Rather than trying to paraphrase him, I will present his […]

The Ride

What an amazing 12-year journey we had with the Canadian Bible Society. Met some fantastic people that taught me an awful lot and had some almost unbelievable adventures. I learned a lot about the history of this venerable old organization. I learned that it was once an extension of the British and Foreign Bible Society […]


I needed to have my ankle operated on, so early the next morning Iona drove me to the Royal University Hospital to begin the process. We were at the hospital for around 6 hours, waiting and waiting. Finally saw an orthopedic surgeon who said he would schedule me for surgery the next day at City […]