After a little less than 2 years there were big changes at Southside, that affected us greatly. Stan had resigned and taken a church in the United States. Reg Graves from Brampton came to succeed Stan. Our lives would intertwine when my life as a pastor came to an end. The other big change was […]

The Storm

Somehow, I didn’t recognize the storm that was brewing just over the horizon. It started very innocently when our District Superintendent came to Rimbey to meet with the board and myself. The purpose was my regular performance evaluation. Each of the board members had submitted their individual evaluations of my performance as their pastor. Overall, […]

More Lessons

I’ve been thinking about lessons that God has allowed into my life, and I realized that sometimes these lessons came in some rather odd wrapping. In fact, many times I hadn’t even realized they were lessons until some time had passed. I actually believe that somewhere in every experience is a life lesson. Romans 8:28 […]