A Childlike God

On Monday our grandsons Finn and Forest came to visit us. Iona and I took them to a playground in our neighbourhood and then to the park behind our condo. There is a berm that separates the ball fields from the condos and the boys lay down at the top and rolled down. They laughed and giggled and so did we. When they reached the bottom, they ran back to the top and did it all over again. As I watched them my mind moved to, you guessed it, God. Really? Yes, it did. It made me think of the essential childlikeness of our God. Now, please understand that I am not saying that He is childish, immature, and selfish. Childlikeness is very different.

Remember that Jesus said that we had to become like children if we wanted to enter heaven. Why? Because, again let me say it, I believe that God is childlike. Now let me tell you what I mean. God continues to be fascinated by creation, by life in general. I feel at the end of each cycle of the seasons – spring, followed by summer, then autumn and finally winter – He, almost with a squeal of delight says, “I’m going to do that again.” The same with each day that progresses from dawn through the day to sunset and then night. And He has been doing it over and over again since the dawn of time and I don’t believe He has ever tired of it. He looks at the majesty of the mountains He created, the big sky of Saskatchewan, the oceans that continually beat their waves on the shore and breathlessly says, “Wow! This is magnificent.” I believe that He looks at each new life that enters our world – babies with their beauty, innocence, and vulnerability, at each new puppy and baby bird and yes, even insects and reptiles and says “Aren’t they marvelous! Aren’t they just so beautiful!” And then decides to do it all again. And like a child He is never bored by it.

So, the next time the weather permits, go for a walk and try to see the world as God sees it, and Keep the Son in Your Eyes.

4 thoughts on “A Childlike God

  1. Kevin Barraclough

    Thank you Len, in our business we often fail to see the wonders and joy of Almighty God in His Creation, which includes us. We need to slow down sometimes and take in the magnificent work of His hands.


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