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The Call

How did I ever end up becoming a pastor? Was it the result of a career decision on my part, like when I left the Saskatchewan Government Insurance Office to accept a job with Co-operators Insurance Services or was there something else going on as well? I believe my move from the insurance industry to […]

What Now?

I had made the decision to follow Jesus, but unlike many I did it without the benefit of being part of a church. I was pretty sure that I should be part of a church but how would I find one. My first choice was to begin attending the church where we had been married, […]


There are a lot of big words in the Christian lexicon, but there are few larger than the word salvation or its verb form saved. What does it mean to be saved? Since Google knows everything, I asked what it meant. Here’s what I read. “The word salvation is the translation of the Greek word […]

What Is Sin?

What is sin? In Protestant circles sin has variously been defined as anything that falls short of God’s perfection and righteousness. In other circles sin has been defined as a voluntary violation of a known law of God by a morally responsible person. On the other hand, Roman Catholics tend to classify sin as either […]