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God Is Love

Twice in his first letter, the apostle John makes this very simple yet profound statement – God is love. You will notice that John didn’t say that God is loving, which He is, rather he said that God is love. Love is the very essence of who God is. Earlier I said that since God […]

Reader Response

I have been so impressed by the quality of response my blogs have generated but one was so good I felt I had to share it with you all. After obtaining permission I am posting this response. He wrote this after having read the post on healing relationships that have been damaged by differing opinions […]

Holy Omniscience

God has a learning disability. He can’t be taught anything. In fact, He cannot learn anything. Now, before you start to think that I am being disrespectful, let me tell you what I mean. The reason God cannot be taught anything is because He already knows everything. That is the meaning of the word “omniscience”. […]