As there were a number of people who seemed to enjoy my Facebook posts I have decided to launch a blog. My plans are to post something about once a week. If you find my thoughts of some value, please let me know and let others know as well. I will occasionally ask some questions and would ask that you respond so that we can begin a conversation.  

A number of years ago I read a novel by Jonathan Kellerman. The book was rather forgettable but one short sentence caught in my memory and has stayed with me. An older doctor had gone on a vacation and was sending post cards from European cities to a younger colleague back in the United States. The same three words were written on each post card – “Traveling and learning.” Traveling and learning. I like that. I feel that is what I will be doing with this blog – traveling on this road called life and sending postcards to friends.

When we were in Mexico, I made a new friend who started reading my FB posts and said he enjoyed them because I am a curious person. I have fun looking at things that many people tend to ignore and find some new meaning to them.

I begin with a warning and this warning will take the form of an old Sunday school joke. A Sunday school teacher asked a question of her grade four class. “What is small and brown, covered with fur, has a long bushy tail and climbs up trees?” A little boy, with a somewhat puzzled look on his face, said “It sounds a lot like a squirrel, but since this is a Sunday school class, I know the answer has to be Jesus.” Here’s the warning – no matter what I look at, somehow, some way I will bring it back to Jesus. It’s very hard for me not to see Jesus in everything that I do.

When I began my first pastoral assignment in the Alberta city of Fort Saskatchewan there was a small brass plate on the pulpit with words spoken to Philip by some Greek speaking people who had come to Jerusalem for the Passover “Sir, we would see Jesus.” I have wanted to fulfill that request in the ministry God has given me. I also started signing all my letters and then emails with these words “Keep the Son in Your Eyes.” It’s why I am calling this blog “Keeping the Son in My Eyes.” This is my electronic handshake introducing you to my blog. Next week I will post my first real entry on prayer. But until then Keep the Son in Your Eyes.

5 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Fred

    Good job Len. You certainly are a “learning traveler.” Your curiosity, sense of humor and love for Jesus provide a great foundation for a worthy blog!

  2. No name™

    I now know the reason why you sign your emails with that tag, gives a little more meaning. The world should also see Jesus in us as we live our lives here on earth, keeping our eyes on Him will make that happen.


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